Why Choose Us ?

Seyada LLC is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading Private sector Development/Project Management companies with projects valuing over 1 billion Saudi Riyals. Even though established in early 2008, Seyada managed with its use of best-in-class practices to become one of the most sought after Project Management companies in the Saudi private sector. With the highest number of awarded approved closed ended funds in Saudi Arabia under our management proves the professionalism that we provide.

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What we do?

Seyada LLC services do not only extend the whole spectrum of Programme management but also involve in assisting clients, investors, real estate fund managers and financial institutions to identify the best projects possible. The following are the main areas of out activities:

Initial High-level Feasibility Studies

Establishing relationships between developers, investors, fund managers & financial institutions

Pre-Qualification – Design Offices (Masterplanners, Interior, Architectural, Landscape, Architects)

Contract Development & Award of design Offices

Pre-Qualification – Contractors

Contract Development (FIDIC Contracts) & Award to contractors

Project/Construction Management

Procurement Management

Project Handover

Our Projects

Specialized in Real Estate Development Management

Our Partners

Specialized in Real Estate Development Management