All about Seyada LLC Vision & Values

Our Vision

Is to be the region’s leading Development/Programme Management Company. In which our clients view us as an integral partner providing the tools that lead to their success. Our employees see us as the best work place in our industry.

Our Values

Integrity: Seyada’s culture is grounded in integrity and respect, and our reputation for adhering to the highest level of integrity is one of our most valuable assets.

Quality: Seyada strives to provide the highest quality of work in its field. Therefore we never rest and continually strive to improve our performance through evaluating and re-evaluating the way we do things before, during, and after every project.

Opportunity: Seyada strives to engage employees & open opportunities to move in any direction in the company should the employees have the desire and drive to do so.

Safety: In a market where safety in the private sector is seldom a matter of importance, Seyada strives to raise the standard of safety to involve all the concerned parties working and visiting the sites we manage. 

Stakeholder Centric: Centered in our values, all our stakeholders are of extreme importance to us from caring for our employees clearly communicating with all service providers so it translate into the best interest to our clients and finally pleasing our everyone in the cycle.

Our Partners

Specialized in Real Estate Development Management